Company Liability

MK Creatives Tech Solutions is a web designing and development company which is offering all the IT related services to the customer around the globe with limited liability as some of the features distributed to the customers are mostly taken from the pre-developed themes, plugins, and integrated products and updating which are already available on the different platforms and languages and systems available online on multiple websites develop by different developers which mostly are unknown to the market. We buy and modify these products on the customer’s behalf as he needs them. As MK Creatives Tech Solutions are not developing coding manufacturing most of the products we cannot guarantee for 100% result or continuous availability of the products integrations, software, already provided and sold to the customers because the main developer our company holds 100% ownership rights to continue or removed or stop offering there products services or integrations any time.

Company Pricing Plans

1. MK Creatives Tech Solutions is offering the pricing plans for its products offer to the customer and customer who is going to select the plan and then buy it agrees to the terms and conditions applied by the MK Creatives Tech Solutions management and policies which can be amended anytime without prior notice.

2. All the pricing plans offered by MK Creatives Tech Solutions have detailed information that how the customer being charged and invoiced with detailed charging can be provided to the customer upon special request. So customer has complete information seen before agreeing to the company plans at the time of buying the company plan. The Customer agrees that he has seen and accepted all the information regarding his purchase plan and he has no objection on the plan which he is buying.


1. If the customer is buying the plan on cash bases in this case he has 100% ownership rights for the products and services offered by the MK Creatives Tech Solutions on the websites and has no refund policy after purchase.

2. Because the customer is paying 100% advance payment for the products and services offered by MK Creatives Tech Solutions on the websites for a specific time period after that time period MK Creatives Tech Solutions will no longer take any liability for the product or service purchase by the customers. Please visit the knowledge base detail information. Link to domain registration.

Refund Policy

MK Creatives Tech Solutions does not offer any kind of refund on any of its products or services offered sold distributed to the customers online or offline. In any scenario customer cannot make any claim to MK Creatives Tech Solutions after selecting or buying any of the pricing plans products or services purchase from MK Creatives.

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